User experience is just a buzz?

First, let me say, I am very enthusiastic about user experience and usability. I have talked with some of my fellow designers and programmers, about this and they have been turning it down. It seems very hostile for user and being ignorant. I list some of things they said and my answers to them.

Point against user experience

I consider these silly ones, but here some things what I was told. Main points stated were fallows.

  • Users are not stupid
  • They will use your site if interested in topic
  • Usability is just a buzz to pump out money from clients
  • I design good enough (experience)
however, finally after talking they agreed that it is not bullshit- rather clients don't want to pay for it.

Users are not stupid

Original argument was something like this. If they need it, they will find it. But why to make things harder.

They are not stupid, exactly. If they feel nice flow and intuitive use of your site, they will not search for better page. One where things are more thought through. Maybe they dont leave, but they might feel a bit confused poorly designed interface- and you should not afford those feeling to raise in them. Good experience is not noticeable, but bad is.

They will use your site if interested in topic

Here is some kind of point. I personally know some sites that are poorly structured and come out from 90's but I still use them. Why? Because their contents is valuable for me and don't have choice to turn away from that site because of bad design. But I probably would like them much more when nothing bothers me.

Usability is just a buzz to pump out money from clients

I make bold assumption that most clients are not unaware of UX as important part of web development. They simply don't understand why is it important on their site. OK. Maybe little sites don't need that much of time and money invested to it. They are fine with designers instincts. For others it should be introduced and explained.

I design good enough (experience)

Design for myself or for users? I think every designer should think of users- not only "cool" design or something. I agree that boundaries set by usability may take freedom of creativity a bit, but I think its not an real issue here. Designers have every kind of boundaries anyway.


Even if user is smart and is interested in your topic, why not make its stay more comfortable. If you have guest at your house you will probably be polite and helpful to them- arent you. Why not in your website also. It leaves them with your warmth and positive feeling rather than frustration against your poorly designed web.

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