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Huavei honor website screenshot My Huawei battery stopped charging (with red blinking charge indicator) Few days ago my Huawei Honor developed a problem with battery. It was empty and It didn't start to charge. LED indicator was blinking/flashing red color when I connected it to charger and nothing else happened.

Wordpress MVC admin menu customization Customizing admin menus which are created by Wordpress MVC plugin In this post I will go through some of the Wordpress MVC admin menu customization topics. For example adding actions from other controller.

Zend Framework Demo Example Zend framework example app with base modules suitable for startups Simple php appliciation written using zend framework. There is only basic functionality implemented. Main goal would be to build small, lightweight, easy to undestand and sleek base for any custom project.

EHAK xml parser example Estonian EHAK xml parser written in php I decided to share a little PHP class which parses Estonian official settlements XML and outputs nice array out of it. It can be used for selecting commonly used "3 level" address.

offline access demo - batch posting Example of facebook app which uses offline access permission I decided to create simple app that collects users access tokens (with offline_access) into mysql database and later uses these to post on their walls. I chose it because lot of people were asking me about this and I need it too soon.

I am co-founder of web/media studio GIVE me. and (android)developer at start-up named Choco. Read my about page to learn more.