Next 11 month are awsome

It's already happening while I am writing this post. Pure awsomness of y2k11 driving me right now. Here I share some points/goals which are guiding me at moment. I think I won't call them resolutions just in case, because they aren't. These are like my commandments for this year.

Focus & Act

Only way to get things done is to ... do them. I have been playing it safe for too long. Life is too short for hesitation.

Investing in tools

Tools that are failing or not powerful enough are wasting time. And we all know what time equals to. Technology lag must be removed form workflow. Also working environment has to be be in good condition.

Health is important

Can't forget The biggest tool- myself. The generator of awsomness itself must be in good shape to work on fullpower. I have been letting my health issues grow in time. This year I've already started to eliminate them. Also, took up sports again and am watching  what I eat.

Also. I'm using my free time as effectively as I can.  No more shit I do olny because I am used to doing it or there's social pressure to do it. My own way is the most awsome one. Your's too.

Form a strong "digital brand"

Because my life work is pretty much related to internet in every aspect I should give my best to have it also up to shape. Can't let "online me" rot. Starting from this blog.

Final words

Shit just got real. Time to take actions.

I am co-founder of web/media studio GIVE me. and (android)developer at start-up named Choco. Read my about page to learn more.